Discover Isabella Rossellini’s story

"In 1982 I started a campaign that lasted over 15 years with Lancôme. But when I turned 42, I was told that the contract was not going to be renewed because I was too old. So when I was asked 23 years later to come back, I was absolutely stunned.

I said, well I haven't got any younger! I don’t think that there is an elegance in ageing, there is an elegance ‘tout court’. I think that I associate the word beauty with elegance and sophistication, not at all with trying to be who I am not."


"I don’t try to be younger, blonder or thinner, I am who I am. I think that women are told always to please others. When you’re younger you’re really at the mercy and the service of being accepted and being considered a 'good woman'.

But now I am older, I just want to do what I have always wanted to do but didn't. So you find a lot of women in their 50’s, 60’s and 70’s saying 'I now feel freer'."

"Cosmetics is the game, the toys of adult women. If you define beauty as an expression of elegance and sophistication, beauty has no age. I want to be who I am. I love the compliment; 'you look fabulously elegant at 65'.

The advice that probably every woman has given herself is to dare more, because we are told so much to please others, we don’t dare enough." - Isabella Rossellini


'Beauty has no age'

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