Say goodbye to visible pores and an uneven skin texture with Lancôme's pore-refining products. We know that pores and rough patches can make you feel self-conscious or affect how you apply make-up, so we've collated a range of effective creams and serums to smooth and correct your skin texture. Explore Lancôme's targeted pore products here.

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Rose Sorbet Cryo-mask

Pore-tightening Smoothing Cooling Mask With Salicylic Acid & Rose Water
15 ml - 50 ml

From £13.00


Advanced Génifique Sérum

Our NO.1 serum with 8,500 5 Star reviews
30 ml - 115 ml

From £59.50


Visionnaire Advanced Skin Corrector

Advanced skin corrector. For wrinkles, pores and unevenness. 2nd generation formula.
30 ml - 50 ml

From £63.00

Visionnaire Rich Cream

Advanced Multi-Correcting Rich Cream
50 ml




Visionnaire Day Cream

Advanced Multi-Correcting Face Cream
50 ml