Discover Absolue; a premium skincare range for exceptional results. Lancôme's Absolue is the gold standard of anti-ageing, created with hand-picked summer rose petals, harvested at dawn to preserve the regenerating powers of their natural oils. For skin that's radiant, regenerated, and softer than you could ever imagine.

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Absolue Precious Cells SPF 15

The ultimate day cream for radiant, regenerated skin
50 ml


Absolue Premium ßx

Regenerating and Replenishing Care SPF 15
50 ml


Absolue L'Extrait

Regenerating Ultimate Elixir
50 ml


Absolue Yeux Premium ßx

Regenerating and replenishing eye care
20 ml

Absolue L'Extrait Yeux Elixir-Balm

The Lancome Rose Eye Cream Ritual
15 ml


Absolue Premium ßx Night Care

Regenerating and Replenishing Night Care
75 ml