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A Guide To The Idole Fragrance Family 

A Guide To The Idôle Fragrance Family 

A runaway success since its launch in 2019, Idôle is a distinctive, alluring floral chypre fragrance with four spin offs to its name. At its heart, the floral fragrance celebrates female empowerment through the contrasts of the delicate, yet sharp, rose. Fronted by the actor, Zendaya and created by a trio of female master perfumers - Shyamala Maisondieu, Adriana Medina and Nadège Le Garlantezec - this is a fragrance made by women for women.

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Here’s to the women who dare to dream. The women who defy expectations. Here’s to the leaders and innovators of tomorrow. Strong. Outspoken. Empowered. The women who look to themselves for the inspiration they need to shape the future. Here’s to a new generation of icons.

Your time is now. Be your own Idôle.

Discover all the different versions of Idôle as we describe what Idôle smells like. 

Idôle Eau De Parfum

The contrasting sharp thorns and beautiful scent of the rose symbolises the complexity of femininity. The perfect marriage of beauty and strength, a Rose Accord can be found in the heart of Idôle. Oil of Jasmine Absolute is a radiant and sensual accompaniment to Idôle’s heart. An abundance of radiant petals blended with musk form a sophisticated Clean Chypre Accord, which recalls the airy freshness of just-washed linens. A fresh fragrance with a breezy subtlety and floral notes that lingers on the skin. 

Idôle fragrance notes: 

Top notes: Pear, Bergamot and Pink Pepper 

Heart notes: Rose and Jasmine 

Base notes: White Musk, Vanilla, Patchouli and Cedar 

Idôle Aura Eau De Parfum 

Idôle Aura is a fragrance inspired by the unique and unstoppable energy glowing from every woman. We have attempted to bottle the essence of dazzling women spreading light and success among their community in this sunkissed scent. Together we are unstoppable, together we are all Idôles. This luminous perfume has the essence of an aura with a solar note that spreads the sensual feeling of skin heated by an endless ray of sunshine from a summer sunset. Idôle Aura celebrates the glow of white flowers melting with crispy salt crystals. The Fleur de Sel accord brings a sensation of pure and fresh air and an enveloping texture to the note. An array of roses make up the heart of this fragrance - Essence of Isparta Rose, Essence of Centifolia Roses from Grasses, Eau de rose, Rose absolue. Every rose is hand-picked by women in Isparta. The glow of pure jasmines gives a white and luminous note while Bergamot in fragrance always brings a sparkling and dazzling sensation, and here works to lift a radiant white solar bouquet. 

Idôle Aura fragrance notes: 

Top notes: Salt, Rose and Bergamot 

Heart notes: Rose and Jasmine 

Base notes: Bourbon Vanilla, Salt, Musk and Heliotrope 

Idôle Nectar Eau De Parfum

A nectar for women who lead the way towards a better tomorrow created by Nadège Le Garlantezec, Shyamala Maisondieu and Adriana Medina. This is Idôle transformed into a glowing fragrance, wrapped in an alluring popcorn accord. Our first neo-gourmand scent, blended with floral Isparta Rose and Bourbon Vanilla, a popcorn fragrance that stands up for the future. A sweet and buttery popcorn perfume with a powerful rose and notes of caramel and vanilla, sweet, sensual and optimistic. 

Idôle Nectar fragrance notes: 

Top notes: hand harvested Isparta Rose, notes of Centifolia roses and Rose Absolute 

Heart notes: neo-gourmand Popcorn accord, with warm Caramel 

Base notes: Bourbon Vanilla 

Idôle L' Intense Eau De Parfum

True to the signature of Idôle, Idôle L’ Intense is a fragrance with a stronger-than-ever addictive clean accord at its core, and a flamboyant floral heart wrapped in a vibrant chypre accord and a sensual vanilla. A radiant rose meets a kaleidoscope of jasmine and is brightened with fresh, fruity top notes of mandarin, this is an even more intense version of the alluring Idôle fragrance. 

Idôle L' Intense fragrance notes: 

Top notes: Mandarin 

Heart notes: Rose, Chypre accord, Jasmine 

Base notes: Sandalwood, sensual Vanilla 

Idôle Now Eau De Parfum

Inspired by nature, augmented by science, Idôle Now is our most modern fragrance yet. At the heart of this new fragrance, you'll find a powerful trio of iconic ingredients: the uplifted Rose, a once uncapturable Orchid accord and the natural Vanilla infusion from Madagascar. For Idôle Now we upcycle the Idôle Rose by using discarded Rose water and re-infuse it into the final formula. Using biotechnology, Idôle Vanilla Bourbon infusion is augmented with natural Vanillin made of repurposed ingredients. A unique natural scent translated into a musky orchid accord adds a touch of warm elegance while preserving the floral scent. Rich, bold and alluring. 

Idôle Now fragrance notes: 

Top notes: Rose 

Heart notes: Orchid 

Base notes: Vanilla Bourbon 


Our beautiful family of Idôle fragrances brings together a collection of beautiful rose scents with unstoppable energy and beauty. Created by women, for women, these full, feminine and sensual fragrances with endless notes of rose are long-lasting with an intense concentration of fragrance.
Discover endless possibilities with your choice of Idôle. 

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