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Taking a holistic approach to skincare, facialist and skincare expert Chelseé Lewis’s celebrated treatments go beyond facials to encompass everything from mindfulness to mental health, diet and exercise. Here, Chelseé takes the guesswork out of building a skincare routine and highlights the benefits of incorporating Advanced Génifique Serum into a treatment regimen. She also demonstrates her serum application technique and discusses the impact of diet on skin’s appearance. Take a look! 

Taking a holistic approach to skincare, facialist and skincare expert Chelseé Lewis’s celebrated treatments go beyond facials to encompass everything from mindfulness to mental health, diet and exercise.

“With Advanced Génifique Serum you get Hyaluronic Acid along with prebiotic and probiotic extracts,

so it’s amazing at reinforcing skin’s barrier and plumping cells with water”

When and how do you support skin’s barrier function?

I focus on rebuilding the skin barrier if skin is really upset and needs calming. The skin barrier can get disrupted, just like your stomach can get upset and you need to strip back what you’re eating. Stress, diet, lifestyle, medication and hormones all have an impact on skin. Sorting out your gut health starts with pre- and probiotics, using them topically can have amazing effects for skin, too.

How important are serums in the skincare routines you recommend to your clients? 

A serum enhances the effects of moisturising day and night creams by feeding cells and making skin work at its best. Advanced Génifique Serum covers a range of concerns and focuses on hydration renewing skin and restoring its protective barrier. With Advanced Génifique Serum you get Hyaluronic Acid along with prebiotic and probiotic extracts, so it’s amazing at reinforcing skin’s barrier and plumping cells with water. When skin is hydrated it works much better, so it will take in like a sponge anything you apply to it. 

How do you suggest your clients use serums?

Always start a skincare routine by cleansing first, followed by a hydrating mist or toner before using an eyecare product and then your serum. Massage the serum into skin so that it’s totally absorbed before applying a day or night cream. Incorporating massage gives the serum a chance to really sink in; you can also use a roller or lymphatic drainage to really work products into skin. If you’re pushed for time in the morning, a few seconds in fine, but spend a couple of minutes to massage skin at night time as this really gets microcirculation going, detoxes skin and helps to bring down puffiness. 

What sets Advanced Génifique Serum apart from other serums? 

With Advanced Génifique Serum’s combination of pre- and probiotic extracts combined with Hyaluronic Acid, day by day and night by night you can see a difference in skin as you’re drip feeding it moisture and plumping it up. You can see the science behind the product and you can feel and see it working. 

“You can see the science behind the product and

you can feel and see it working.”

Are there any application techniques that you recommend to get the most out of Advanced Génifique Serum?

When you’re applying Advanced Génifique Serum, make sure to cover your whole face and neck. Massage it into skin using circular movements outwards to get lymphatic drainage and circulation going. Circular movements, tapping and pinching are all great with this product to work it in and waken skin up. Do this gently but you want to get that pink colour coming to the surface. 

Do you have any tips for creating at-home facials?

Creating a ritual at home and practicing self-care are so important. Put a candle on, have some tea or do a face mask and take the time to exfoliate two to three times week. Create your own selection of products and, using your Advanced Génifique Serum, create your own mini facial. You can put serum on under your favourite face mask to enhance its effects. By layering, you really get that wow factor for your skin. 

Beyond applying topical products, is there anything you recommend to help make skin look and feel great?

A lot of people don’t sleep enough because of stress and everything that’s going on in their daily lives. We call it beauty sleep because that’s when we repair our skin. Drinking enough water and taking exercise is good for your skin. There’s an array of things you can do to enhance your skin. Most of us don’t breathe properly. Breathing properly centres you and ensures you check in with yourself. We’re rushing around on autopilot so much, it’s good to check in with ourselves from time to time. 

Do you have any tips for getting the most out of Advanced Génifique Serum?

By using Advanced Génifique Serum you’re giving your skin nourishment, so work it in with massage to really feed those cells. 



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