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National Lipstick Day


We’re celebrating National Lipstick Day on Saturday 29th July with our array of beautiful lipsticks. Lipstick is an emotive subject with many people falling head over heels for a particular formula and shade. In this guide we’ll lead you to find THE ONE just in time to celebrate National Lipstick Day! 

How to choose the perfect lipstick for you

Finding the right lipstick relies on a combination of factors from finishes to shades. To find a flattering lipstick shade, it’s a good idea to first work out the undertones of your skin. A quick and easy way to identify your undertones is simply to look closely at the veins on your inner wrist. If they’re blueish or purple, then your skin is cool. Warm skin tones tend to have greener looking veins and if your veins are not really visible then you have neutral undertones.

Perfect Lipsticks for Cool Tones 

Those with cool undertones have blue-appearing veins and compliment silver jewellery. If this sounds like you, the best shades of lipstick to go for are those with cool tones like purple berries and wines. Try a cream lipstick with a cooler hue like our L’Absolu Rouge Liquid Cream in 422 Clair Obscur, great for everyday. For a bolder look that pops, try a matte lipstick like our L’Absolu Rouge Drama Matte in 290 Merci Simone.

Perfect Lipsticks for Warm Tones

If you have warm undertones, it’s likely your skin has a golden or olive hue and you suit gold jewellery. Warm toned skin looks great in warm shades like corals, terracottas or browns which highlight the radiance in your skin. For everyday try L'Absolu Mademoiselle Shine in 322 Shine Bright. For a perfect day to night transition, go for a terracotta matte like the L’Absolu Rouge Drama Matte in 196 French Touch. 

Perfect Lipsticks for Neutral Tones 

If you have neutral undertones, the good news is you suit most shades. Both silver and gold jewellery look good on you, and you can choose any lipstick shade! Want your lips to take centre stage? Go for a romantic red like our L’Absolu Rouge Drama Matte in 505 Atrape Couer. Nudes like our L’Absolu Rouge Cream in 259 Mademoiselle Chiara are also super flattering on those with neutral skin.

Find Your Lipstick Finish

You can choose the type of finish you like from your lipstick, from ultra-matte to ultra-shiny and everything in-between. Matte finishes like our L’Absolu Rouge Drama Matte are smooth and modern, while glossy finishes like Juicy Tubes reflect light and make lips look fuller. A lipstick wardrobe is a great thing to cultivate – having different lipstick options for different days is key to keeping your look fluid and giving you options.

Perfect Nude Lipstick

Nude lipstick is versatile, understated and finishes any look you choose. Your perfect nude lipstick is the bedrock of your lipstick wardrobe, so finding the right one is key. Try L’Absolu Rouge Cream which comes in an array of nude shades and offers 18 hours of comfortable wear and a hydrated, silky cream finish.

Classic Red Lipstick

Everyone should find their perfect shade of red because a bold red lip is an instant classic. You can try on a multitude of different red lipstick shades with our Virtual Try On tool to help find the one that suits you. A matte red like our L’Absolu Rouge Drama Matte in 82 Rouge Pigalle has old Hollywood glamour and looks amazing.


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