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Hydrating Day and Night Face Creams for Dry Skin


Hydrating creams for dry skin 

Let’s face it, dry skin isn’t anyone’s idea of a good time. It can feel uncomfortable and can make your skin look red or flaky, so it’s not surprising that people want a quick fix to hydrate their skin and make it look and feel as if it’s at its best.   

There are many reasons why you might find yourself with dry skin. Fortunately, there are ways to help get rid of it. You might want to change the soaps and detergents you use or avoid chlorinated pools, or simply try a hydrating face cream for dry skin.  

Read on to find out all about dry skin, including our best creams to use. From the best night cream for dry skin to the symptoms of dry skin, it’s all here.

Why is my face dry? 

There are many potential causes of dry skin. Sometimes, it can be caused by something we’re doing. However, at other times, it’s due to environmental or external factors. For example, the climate can cause dry skin. Cold and windy or low-humidity climates can give us dry skin, as can heat from sources like fireplaces, stoves and central heating.  

Dehydration often causes dry skin too – if your skin lacks water, it’ll be drier than it would be otherwise. Over washing or taking too many hot baths or showers can also cause dry skin, as you’re essentially removing your skin’s natural oils by doing so. If you use harsh soaps and detergents, these can also help to cause dry skin, because they’re designed to remove oils.  

Skipping moisturisation can also make your skin more dry, as can skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis. Furthermore, ageing can be a cause of dry skin – as we age, our skin gets thinner and produces less oil that we need to retain water.  

While anyone might find themselves with dry skin, you’re more likely to have it if you’re over 40, live in a cold, windy or low-humidity climate, or often swim in chlorinated pools.

Dry skin symptoms 

There are a few main symptoms and signs of dry skin. Dry skin is most often found on your face and your hands, perhaps because these tend to be more exposed than other parts of your body. Having said that, dry skin can occur anywhere on your body.  

If you have dry skin, you might notice white flakes or scaly skin, or your skin might feel rough to the touch. It might itch more than usual, appear red, or feel irritated.  

With dry skin, fine lines can appear exaggerated as well, so this is something else to look out for. You might also notice cracks in your skin – in some cases, these cracks might bleed, but this won’t be the case for everyone with dry skin.   

Dermatitis can also be caused by dry skin, so it’s another sign to watch out for. You may notice a rash that might be bumpy, swollen or a different colour to the rest of the skin around it. 

Our best face creams for dry skin 

Lancôme has a range of moisturisers to suit the needs of your dry skin, from daytime creams with SPF to intense overnight hydrators. So, let’s take a closer look at them.

Hydra Zen Day Cream-Gel For Dry Skin

Hydra Zen Day Cream-Gel For Dry Skin

Old price £47.00 New price £37.60

Day cream for dry skin 

If you’re looking for a day cream for your dry skin, try Hydra Zen Day Cream. This anti-stress gel-cream moisturises and offers up to 24 hours of fresh hydration. It’s enriched with moringa seed extract, rose extract and peony root extract to hydrate and soothe, and it’s even suitable for sensitive dry skin, making it soft, luminous and supple. Plus, you can use it every day on your face and neck as part of your skincare routine.

Hydra Zen Nuit Anti-Stress Moisturising Night Cream

Hydra Zen Nuit Anti-Stress Moisturising Night Cream

Old price £49.00 New price £39.20

Night cream for dry skin 

Hydra Zen Nuit Anti-Stress Moisturising Night Cream is our best night face cream for dry skin. It soothes your skin and gives it a real moisture boost to recharge it overnight, making it feel moisturised and refreshed for the morning. With a silky smooth feel, it’s just what you need to hydrate your face for the next day. Just apply it as part of your usual night-time skincare routine.

You can explore the rest of our moisturisers and face creams for dry skin here

Hydra Zen Nuit Anti-Stress Moisturising Night Cream

Hydra Zen Nuit Anti-Stress Moisturising Night Cream

Old price £49.00 New price £39.20
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