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Wedding Makeup: Product advice for the big day

Compliments, compliments, compliments. The more the merrier! Particularly on your wedding day. Our favourite – by far – is simply, “you look beautiful.” Because, in the end, your bridal beauty is all about you, not your makeup or the three excruciating hours it took to pin your hair. Don’t get us wrong, we love cosmetics, but on your big day it’s the bride who should be in focus rather her blusher. That’s why we think that bridal makeup should be about taking your regular dressed-up makeup look to the next level, rather than overhauling your look entirely. If your fiancé doesn’t recognise you when it’s time to say your vows you’ve probably gone too far! Here’s our go-to guide for the products to have in your bridal makeup bag and choosing the perfect foundation for your big day.

  • If you’re working with a makeup artist, consider arriving at the trial session with your favourite makeup look already applied so that he or she can see what you like and discuss where to go from there. If you’ve had your makeup professionally applied before bring a picture as it can sometimes be tricky to put a look into words, visual guidance is really helpful.
  • Think about all of those camera-happy guests and opt for a photo-friendly foundation. Go for a natural rather than totally flat matte finish – we love Ultra Wear foundation, which also comes in a cushion format for touch ups during the big day. Don’t leave it to the last minute to start trialling a new foundation, however. Start wearing it a few months in advance so you can get used to how it feels on your skin and be confident that it is the perfect foundation for your skin type and doesn’t slip during the day or go shiny. For oily skin, we suggest applying a primer beforehand such as La Base Pro or La Base Pro Pore Eraser, while La Base Pro Hydraglow primer is the ideal choice for dry skin types.
  • Back away from the contouring brush. It may be trendy right now – who doesn’t love a sculpted cheekbone? -but don’t go too extreme. Otherwise you risk contours overwhelming the look. It could also look dated in a few years’ time when the next makeup trend has taken hold.
  • For your colour products (blusher, eye shadows etc.) stick to a palette that suits your skin tone. Unless you absolutely have to, don’t try out dramatically different shades on the day.
  • Remember the great thing about makeup is that it washes off. If you don’t like the look you or a makeup artist has created, cleanse, moisturise and start again. Don’t be rushed. It’s important that you feel comfortable and confident.
Article written for Lancôme by Brid Costello
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