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Lipstick : Rouge in Love, Lips Makeup

Rouge in Love


High Potency, Feather-light Colour with up to 6 Hours’ Wear

  • Choose your shade
      Beige to Brown
    • 200B Rose Thé
      200B Rose Thé
    • 230M Rendez-Vous
      230M Rendez-Vous
    • 232M Rose'mantic
      232M Rose'mantic
    • 240M Rose En Deshabillé
      240M Rose En Deshabillé
    • 275M Jolie Rosalie
      275M Jolie Rosalie
    • 277N Violine Lamée
      277N Violine Lamée
    • 278B Brune Plumetis
      278B Brune Plumetis
    • 287N Chocolat Mordoré
      287N Chocolat Mordoré
    • 292N Chez Prune
      292N Chez Prune
      Orange to Red
    • 106M Jolis Matins
      106M Jolis Matins
    • 146B Miss Coquelicot
      146B Miss Coquelicot
    • 156B Madame Tulipe
      156B Madame Tulipe
    • 159B Rouge In Love
      #1 Bestseller 159B Rouge In Love
    • 163M Dans Ses Bras
      163M Dans Ses Bras
    • 170N Sequins D'amour
      170N Sequins D'amour
    • 174B Crazy tangerine
      174B Crazy tangerine
    • 181N Rouge St Honoré
      181N Rouge St Honoré
    • 183N Be my date
      183N Be my date
    • 185N Rouge Valentine
      185N Rouge Valentine
    • 187M Red my lips
      187M Red my lips
      Pink to Purple
    • 300M Beige Dentelle
      300M Beige Dentelle
    • 322M Corail In Love
      #2 Bestseller 322M Corail In Love
    • 340B Rose Boudoir
      #3 Bestseller 340B Rose Boudoir
    • 343B Fall in Rose
      343B Fall in Rose
    • 345B Rose flaneuse
      345B Rose flaneuse
    • 351B Rose Des Soupirants
      351B Rose Des Soupirants
    • 353M Rose Pitimini
      353M Rose Pitimini
    • 361M Pink bonbon
      361M Pink bonbon
    • 375N Rose me rose me not
      375N Rose me rose me not
    • 377N Midnight Rose
      377N Midnight Rose
    • 379N Rose Sulfureuse
      379N Rose Sulfureuse
    • 381B Violette Coquette
      381B Violette Coquette
    • 383N Midnight crush
      383N Midnight crush
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    Rouge in Love Key Features
    Come out and play with Lancôme’s gorgeously hydrating lipstick, Rouge in Love.
    Combine vibrant colour with a feather-light texture that lasts up to 6 hours. Choose from 24 colours to achieve a look you love – from natural to sophisticated. Let your lipcolour show your mood.

    Benefits : 6 hour wear, featherlight texture, vibrant colour

    How to apply Rouge in Love
    We recommend using a lip brush for precise and even coverage. Apply your choice of Rouge in love, then blot your lips with a tissue to remove excess colour.

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