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Gloss : Gloss in Love, Lips Makeup

Gloss in Love


Sparkling & Moisturising Lip Gloss

  • Choose your shade
      Beige to Brown
    • 200  Just Strass
      200 Just Strass
    • 222  Fizzy Rosie
      222 Fizzy Rosie
      Orange to Red
    • 144  Glitter Mania
      144 Glitter Mania
    • 146  Peach Show
      146 Peach Show
    • 162  Scarlett Starlette
      162 Scarlett Starlette
      Pink to Purple
    • 312  Blink Pink
      312 Blink Pink
    • 323  Pink Carat
      323 Pink Carat
    • 341  Pink Pampille
      341 Pink Pampille
    • 351  Lily en Lamé
      351 Lily en Lamé
    • 383  Violette Paillette
      383 Violette Paillette
    • 385  Under the Spotlight
      385 Under the Spotlight
    • 391  Flash n' Fushia
      391 Flash n' Fushia
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    Gloss In Love key features
    Make heads turn with Lancôme’s extreme shine lip gloss, Gloss In Love.

    Our moisturising lip gloss envelops lips in a brilliant high-shine, while our innovative double-sided applicator provides customisable coverage. Our unique curved Lip Shaper coats the lower lip while the pointed Lip Liner precisely defines the upper lip for a sophisticated look. Choose from 12 instantly addictive shades to create your own shimmering, show-stopping lip effects.

    Benefits: 6 hours of moisture. Intense shine, sparkling, shimmering lips.

    How to apply Gloss In Love
    Use the curved Lip Shaper side of the applicator to coat the lower lip.
    Use the pointed Lip Liner side of the applicator to help define the upper lip.

A two-in-one Applicator
The Innovative Gloss In Love double-sided applicator will define and perfectly shape your lips.

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