Cushion Blush Subtil Blush and Highlighter Cushion
3 Limited Edition shades of Cushion Blush Subtil, 3 healthy-glow enhancers, several ways of giving yourself a fresh, radiant and bright complexion.

Use them separately as a blush or combine all two blushes and the highlighter for a spring draping look.

- “Rose Lemonade” is a gentle lilac-pink that brings a tender pink bloom to the cheeks, just like the caress of a fresh spring wind.
- “Sparkling Framboise” is a stronger pink, perfect for those who want a bold, elegant baby-doll look.
- “Highlighter”, is the best ally a girl can have for clever strobing to give your complexion the perfect glow. Keep it with you in case of an impromptu date.