Confort Cleansing 400ml Duo Set

Confort Cleansing 400ml Duo Set



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Indulge your skin with the gentle and delicate Galatée Confort dry skin facial cleansing milk and moisturising toner Tonique Confort from Lancôme.

Specially formulated for dry skin, our instantly comforting face cleanser is enriched with honey, almond extract, cereals, yeast, and milk proteins. Galatée Confort leaves skin feeling instantly hydrated and silky-soft. Galatée Confort’s rich, creamy face wash leaves your skin moisturised, supple and smooth to the touch with no residue. Our Tonique Confort toning lotion hydrates and soothes dry skin while gently removing makeup and impurities from the surface.

This gift set contains:
• Galatée Confort 400ml
• Tonique Confort 400ml

Comforting formula, removes stubborn make-up and impurities, soothes skin, softens skin, clears complexion

Use daily in the morning and evening. Apply Galatée Confort in light strokes working from the center of the face outwards (forehead, cheeks and chin). Finish on the T-zone and under the chin. Then apply Tonique Confort with a cotton round to help remove any remaining makeup or impurities.