Funmi Fetto

Executive Editor & Beauty Director, Glamour UK

"Coming in with a positive mind-set really does make a huge difference"

Funmi's top tips


If you haven't much work experience, highlight what you've learned in education.


Be true to yourself, there's no point in trying to be someone else.


Have a great attitude. It can make up for what you lack in experience.

Funmi Fetto is Executive Editor and Beauty Director at Glamour UK.


I started my career in Financial Management - I actually studied Accounting and Finance and left my degree already part qualified as an accountant. I worked within the financial management field for around three years and then finally took the leap into what I really wanted to do, which at that time was to work on a magazine and work in fashion.

I had always loved magazines and I loved fashion so wanted to explore how I could combine both. I left my job and began an internship at Elle in the fashion department - I did everything from assisting on shoots to clearing the fashion cupboard to organising tickets for shows to getting editors coffee! I moved on to Sunday Times Style where I assisted the Fashion Director and started contributing small features. I then moved to The Telegraph where I worked on fashion shoots with the then Fashion Director. My first full-time permanent role was at Harper's Bazaar. I was responsible for the front of book - writing fashion news stories and also assisting the fashion directors on all their shoots and attending fashion shows across the fashion capitals.

When I left, I began focusing more on writing and began contributing to British Vogue. I did a number of things in that time, I wrote a book on vintage fashion, interviewed designers and contributed to numerous international editions of Vogue. I began contributing beauty articles to a variety of publications and pretty quickly I found I was focusing more and more on beauty. The issue of inclusivity really stood out for me and I felt I needed to address that as part of my work.