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It’s EE BAFTAs time and beauty is back, big time! We caught up with Lisa Eldridge, Lancôme’s Global Director of Makeup, and skincare expert Michaella Bolder to chat about makeup’s new mood and skincare’s starring role on the red carpet.

Dreaming up scene-stealing looks is all in a day’s work for Lisa Eldridge, however, the A-listers’ go-to makeup artist has a knack for making everyday makeup magical, too. Read on for Lisa’s take on BAFTA beauty and creating iconic looks.

“It’s inspiring to see such a celebration of colour, from joyful pastels and acid brights to molten metals. In 2022, we are definitely seeing a wave of post-pandemic punk and nothing is off limits!”

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What’s your process for creating a red-carpet look? Do you start with a concept, a colour palette or the outfit, for instance? 

There’s always a unique, collaborative story behind every red carpet appearance. I’ll work with my client in the days leading up to the event, poring over images of the outfit and often collating a moodboard of picture references. However, on the day we may go for something totally different! It all depends when inspiration strikes.

What are the products you find yourself turning to time and time again when creating show-stopping looks? What’s in your go-to makeup kit?

Naturally perfected skin is my signature and forms the base to every look I create, so Teint Idole Ultra Wear Foundation is always in my red-carpet kit. I team it with a concealer that has intense coverage, applied sparingly using my Pinpoint Concealing Technique. The Lancôme Teint Idole Ultra Wear All Over Concealer with its precise tip lends itself perfectly to the job! I only conceal where absolutely necessary, to allow the beauty of natural skin to shine through!

Are there any makeup trends you find particularly inspiring right now and which emerging trends should we look out for in the months ahead?

Everyone is embracing the chance to delve back into a diverse palette of vivifying shades. It’s inspiring to see such a celebration of colour, from joyful pastels and acid brights to molten metals. In 2022, we are seeing a wave of post-pandemic punk and nothing is off limits! One easy way to experiment with colour is with lipstick. It's so easy to adjust how bold you want to be. I'm having a lot of fun with the recently renovated L’Absolu Rouge lipstick line. There are 65 shades to choose from, which means I can play around, experiment and have fun with makeup's new mood.

At this year’s BAFTAs, we’re celebrating the light-hearted and fun side of makeup. What’s the most fun you’ve ever had with makeup?

I really seek solace in colour and I’m always having fun when I’m working with makeup, especially when my client isn’t afraid to be bold! The 2019 BAFTAs spring to mind, where I worked with Lily Collins to bring to life a statement vampy lip paired with a rose-kissed cheek and a pretty, shimmering eye. We didn’t decide on the look on the until the day (inspiration struck as soon as I saw the dress in real life!) and the result was nothing short of ethereal. 


Michaella Bolder is the skincare guru celebrities have on speed dial ahead of major red-carpet moments. With expertise in nourishing and pampering skin so that it glows from within, she is dedicated to bringing out the best in her clients’ complexions. Below she shares her tips for getting skin red-carpet ready. 

“Hydrated skin is the perfect foundation for a flawless makeup application, which is always the goal for any event.”

What role does skincare play in preparing for an event like the BAFTAs?

Skincare is one of the foundations for healthy, radiant-looking skin. Hydrated skin is the perfect foundation for a flawless makeup application, which is always the goal for any event.

What are your recommendations for preparing skin ahead of a big event, like a red-carpet evening, a wedding or an important party?

Boosting your skincare routine prior to an event is crucial. Two weeks before the event, once or twice per week incorporate exfoliation into your evening routine after you have cleansed. I recommend massaging Lancôme Rose Sugar Scrub onto wet skin in circular motions for up to two minutes, then remove with a warm washcloth. My next recommendation would be to boost hydration in the skin daily using Advanced Génifique Serum. Layer two pipettes of product onto the skin one after the other before moisturising. I first press one layer into the skin before applying a second layer, again pressing into the skin until fully absorbed. Repeat this process daily morning and evening in the two weeks prior to the event. In the final two days before the event, ramp up your hydration levels using a nourishing facial mask such as Advanced Génifique Sheet Mask. On application, massage the mask into the skin for five to 10 minutes to encourage blood flow and increase product absorption.

Even with careful preparation, things can go wrong on the day of a big event: blemishes can show up unexpectedly or dark circles can make an appearance thanks to stress or fatigue, for instance. What do you carry in your skincare toolkit to tackle such issues?

I keep cryo tools, such as face rollers, in my freezer prior to big events (in fact I keep them in there at all times). These are fantastic for reducing redness, inflammation and puffiness immediately and are great for tackling any new breakouts or tired puffy eyes on the morning of an event. I also keep Advanced Génifique Yeux Light Pearl Hydrogel Melting 360 Eye Masks in the fridge to use the morning of the event as an extra cooling, eye brightening saviour. 

Is there one skincare product you can’t manage without? What is it and why do you love it so much?

It would have to be Advanced Génifique Serum for its skin strengthening functions, hydrating benefits and pre and probiotic skin supplements.


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