Celebrity Makeup Artist and Lancôme’s Global Makeup Creative Director shares her take on nailing high-glamour beauty looks for major events…

1. We love a glamorous red carpet look! Can it be versatile or are red carpet looks best saved for major events?

I have clients who prefer very pared down, simple looks and others who like to go bold for the carpet. I think it very much depends on the event, the outfit and the personality of the client. I always like to create something which balances well with the outfit and the occasion.

2.  Are there any red carpet makeup rules you would never break?

I always want skin to look natural and real, particularly when it comes to colour ... it’s super important that the face is in harmony with the neck and also blends with all other exposed skin on the body.

3. What do you suggest your clients take with them for touch ups?

I always give the lip colour I’ve used so my client can touch up after dinner. Especially on award nights as they can be very long! Cotton buds are also good for smudges or mishaps throughout the night. I sometimes also give concealer and powder depending on the client's skin type.  I pride myself on creating really long lasting looks, so touch ups are not always required.

4. Does the makeup look always start with what they are wearing? 

The outfit does play a big part in deciding the makeup and my clients send me photos of them at the fitting so I can start thinking about the look. That’s always an exciting moment as I usually have loads of ideas and just need to work through them in my mind before the big night. 

I present my ideas and always work with the hairdresser as you want to make sure hair and makeup are complementary and don’t drown each other out.  Sometimes a client might need a bit of convincing about a look but at the end of the day, I want them to feel confident and comfortable, so I don’t impose. Although everything is planned before you start, nothing is ever set in stone - I’ve had clients switch outfits at the last minute so you need to be able to make changes to the look really FAST!

5. How do you source inspiration differently when it comes to the red carpet?

My inspiration comes from everything around me. Nature, architecture, books, films, theatre, art, archaeology, architecture, galleries, floristry, interior design, history and people watching. I’m a colour fiend, so I’m always on the lookout for interesting combinations and textures, and I like searching for unusual books in second hand shops. In my opinion, the best inspiration also pops  up when you are not looking for it and least expect it. If it’s a new client I will always research every look they ever wore in the past so I can see what works best for them. It’s always good to discuss with them what their favourite makeup was too, as this gives you a good sense of the type of looks they particularly love.



Advanced Génifique Melting Sheet Mask


“For a jet lagged client I keep this in the fridge, it delivers plumping hydration for the skin whilst the shock of the cold tightens, contours and reduces puffiness.”

Advanced Génifique Light Pearl


“Again this is something I would keep in the fridge. The metal massage tip applicator helps to reduce any puffiness and the light pearl effect brightens under eye shadows.”

Prep & Hydrate - Illuminating Makeup Primer 24h Hydration


“Good red carpet makeup is all about good prep. This primer helps to give lasting hydration with an illuminating effect to give a glow.” 

Teint Idole Ultra Wear Foundation


“A little of this goes a long way. Allowing you to build to the ideal level of coverage for a flawless finish. I prefer using multiple, thin, and well-blended layers where needed, rather than one heavy one.”

Custom Drops Liquid Highlighter


“Adding highlight to the right areas is essential for the red carpet. These drops blend beautifully with the skin to create dimension and definition to the facial structure, whilst beautifying the skin for camera flash.”

Blush Subtil


“Adding a pop of colour to the cheeks gives dimension to the whole face and is great for whitening eyes and giving a fresh ‘wide-awake’ look to the entire face.”

Grandiôse Liner


“You can’t beat the classic cat eye liner flick for a touch of red carpet drama. The Grandiôse Liner is my absolute favourite as the applicator is so thin and the finish is perfectly chic matte.”

Hypnôse Doll Eyes Mascara


“I adore the Hypnôse Doll Eyes Mascara as I prefer long feathery, fluttery lashes for the carpet.”

L’Absolu Rouge


“A long lasting formula lip colour is an essential, whatever colour choice you opt for - a statement bold lip or a flattering nude are both beautiful choices for a red carpet moment”. 

Fix It Forget It Setting Spray


“The final touch for being ready for the red carpet is a setting spray. Giving your makeup staying power to last all night long.”



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