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What is draping?



Draping, a new make up trend inspired by contouring has already got the beauty world talking. The idea? To use blush to sculpt your cheekbones and highlight the natural “drape” of your face. The Lancôme touch “Pink Draping” – a limited edition pink statement of gourmet looking, creamy blushes which come in three irresistible pink shades.




Watch this video tutorial by beauty blogger Mona’s Eyes to see how you achieve a beautifully sculpted draping look.


3 more ways to use the draping blush!

1. Healthy Glow

1. Healthy Glow


Use your highlighter blush (shade 04) to achieve the “strobing” technique – to accentuate the high points of your face. Apply a dab of product to your Cupid’s bow, tip of your nose, arch of your brow and the top of your cheekbones.

2. Blush Bomb


Use the 05 Renez-Vous in Paris Blush Shade for this 80s inspired look. Apply the blush onto your cheekbones and up to your temple, then blend in. Make this as subtle or as bold as you like!


3. 3 Second Draping


Use your index, middle and ring fingers to pick up product – your index finger for highlighter (shade 04), your middle finger for the darker blush (shade 05) and ring finger for the pinker blush (shade 06). Apply the product in one swipe with your three fingers slightly spread across your cheekbones. Make sure your index finger with the highlighter shade is applied to the top of the cheekbone, then blend.

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