The Perfect Cat Eye with Hanna Desai

Find out how to create the perfect cat eye with blogger and YouTuber, Hannah Desai.

Step 1: Eyeshadow

I am starting with the Hypnôse Palette in ST3. I always like to go for brown smoky palette for every day, it's so wearable.

I’m going to start with the shimmery shade in the bottom to make my eyes pop. Take that on a flat brush and apply it across the eyelid. It’s really nice and brightening and it will look great in the evening too.

Then taking the middle shade, I will apply it to the outer corners of my eye with a fluffy blending brush. This will add more shape and definition to my eyes. For me, because I have almond eyes, I like to make sure I’m getting in the crease and making it stand out more. Use a windscreen wiper motion to blend your eyeshadow seamlessly. If you do go a little bit too high up, just use your finger to wipe it away.

To brighten my inner corners, I’m going to take the lighter shade on the right with a small brush and pop it in the corners of my eye.


Step 2: Eyeliner

This is where I get serious, I’m going to create a cat eye using the Grandiôse Liner. I like to start from the middle of my eye and then do a faint line and then start building from that.

With a cat eye flick I like to start from the outer corner of my eye and work it towards the end of my brow, so I’ll draw a little line going up. Then going from the tip of the flick, go back towards the centre of the eye. I always go for a black eyeliner but brown is also really nice especially in autumn.

The last step is to go in a little closer to the inner corner of my eye and extend the inside for that feline cat eye look. Then I go over the rest of the eyeliner and just tidy up anywhere I feel is kind of bumpy. Try not to go too crazy here because I find that the last steps are probably the most risky because you might end up going crazy with it.

Finally, take a little smudgy brush and take the black eyeshadow from the palette and run it along the bottom lash line. Stop around the pupil of the eye because you want to brighten the inner corner of your eyes. If I went in with a dark shade I’ll end up closing the eye.

Step 3: Mascara

My favourite part! I love to go big with mascara, so I’m using the Monsieur Big. My favourite tip with mascara is to give it a little wiggle at the roots of the lashes and then flick up. Then I’m going to do my bottom lashes. Don’t worry if you get a bit of mascara on your eye lid. Take a blending brush and buff out where you’ve made a mistake.


Watch the full tutorial here!

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