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Wedding Make-up

Spring weddings suit fresh, pink colours. We chose a “Lancôme Rose” Look for Alice as it accentuates her natural beauty with feminine pink and brown shades and adds a bright pop of colour to her lips. This stands out in photographs and adds a touch of personality to her overall look

Step 1: Prep the skin

Prep skin with a hydrating eye serum and facial serum to give you a glowing, softer-looking complexion. Next, apply a soothing moisturiser to hydrate the skin and prepare for makeup. Leave this to settle in for around 5 minutes.

Use your foundation brush to paint on an illuminating primer all over skin to seal in the moisture. This is perfect if your foundation has a tendency to flake due to dry skin. Paint on with foundation brush for an even coverage.

Step 2: Apply the base

Apply your foundation all over the face with a flat foundation brush or buffing foundation brush, starting from the centre and working outwards. A flat brush will give a flawless looking finish but we recommend a buffing brush as it will help to achieve coverage whilst still looking natural.

Next, add concealer in a V shape to the under eye (we used the long-lasting Effacernes Longue Tenue in shade 15) and round the nose and anywhere else you think you might touch or might be affected during the day. If you think you might cry, make sure to build up the concealer around the eyes, the nose and the chin.

Step 3: Set in place

Apply a soft powder to the under eye and eyelid area with a fluffy brush to set the concealer and take down any shine. Pat gently over the rest of the face to set the rest of the makeup.

Step 4 – Pink blush

Use a face powder to bring warmth and structure to the face by brushing slightly under the cheekbone as a subtle contour. Top tip: applying a fine layer of powder before your blusher stops it “sticking” or becoming patchy.

To add the important “flushed” look to the cheeks, sweep a hot pink blusher over the apples of the cheeks. Although the product looks very vibrant, when brushed lightly onto the skin with a large fluffy brush it comes out as a soft pink tone to lift the face.

Step 5 – Eyes

Comb through the brows and fill in any gaps with a soft brow pencil.

Apply eye shadow primer all over the eye lid to prep ready for shadow. We want to keep the eyes fairly neutral with a tone of pink because this look is all about the lip therefore we chose Hypnose Doll Eyes Palette in DO1 Fraîcheur Rosée for a natural and pretty highlight.

Blend the third darkest shade (see the downloadable PDF for the exact shade) into the crease of the eyelid and under the lower lash line, and then the lightest shade in the palette up to the brow bone and into the inner corners of the eye.

Step 6 – Liner and Define

Use the second darkest shade in the palette to blend along the lower lash line and in the far corner of the eye. Top tip: If you prefer a bolder line you can wet your brush for more colour.

Next, use a soft kohl pencil to line the upper lashes for a subtly defined look.

Step 7 – Lashes

Apply waterproof mascara to upper and softly on lower lashes for a fanned and wide-eyed look.

Step 8 – Bright, photo ready lips

With a bold lip look, prepping the lips is very important. Use a lip primer to create a perfect base, then line the lips (for this look we used Le Crayon in shade 303 Rose Boise) and then colour in the lip to help it to stay in place and give a uniform colour. Make sure you choose the right liner for the lip shade – they should be almost identical shades to avoid looking garish if the lipstick slightly fades.

Next, apply your shade of lipstick to make your look “pop”. We used L'Absolu Rouge in 368 Rose Lancôme

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