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How to take perfect photographs on your wedding day

Follow our top tips to take the best possible photographs on the day of your wedding. Whether you have hired a professional photographer or ask one of your friends to do the honours, it’s important to prep to ensure the photos come out as well as possible.

Tip1 – Pick your make up choices carefully

Even if you don’t usually wear foundation, we recommend applying it on your wedding day as it evens skin tone, helps to cover any redness and creates a better light impact. You can then layer concealer on top (always add concealer after foundation, not before as its thicker) to hide any signs of tiredness under the eyes or redness around the nose and chin.

Use powder but not too much otherwise it will settle into fine lines and show up in photos – you just want little enough to reduce shine and help to set the make up

Lipstick colour is also an important choice when looking your best in photos, but you need to be comfortable. Bright colours usually look the best in photos, but if you don’t usually wear a bold lip you might want to avoid it for your wedding day. For a subtle change, pick a lip colour that’s slightly brighter that your usual nude – the most important thing is that your lips match your overall look.

Lastly, on the day ask your maid of honour to keep her eye out for any stray / smudged makeup or lipstick on your teeth that wouldn’t look great in photos!

Tip 2 – Practice your poses

If you are usually uncomfortable posing for photos, it can make you feel better to practice your poses so you know what will look best. Take some tips from celebrities on the red carpet to get the best way to angle your body, and even take some test shots yourself so you know what they will come out like.

Choose some locations or backdrops to take your photographs in advance so you know where to go on your big day. These might be places that work with the theme of your wedding, a location that’s important or reflects something in your relationship or just a beautiful backdrop or landmark. Some people choose to do this after the wedding – maybe even on a different day entirely.

Tip 3 – Relax!

Try to get as much sleep as possible the night before, as the best way to prepare for your photos is to look well rested. Once you wake make yourself a cup of hot water and a slice of lemon, and prepare the room you are planning to get ready in before everyone arrives and take a few moments in the calm.

On the day itself, try not to worry about the photos too much. The best ones are taken in moments of natural emotion, and there will be plenty of those on your wedding day! Enjoy your day, and have fun celebrating with your nearest and dearest.

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