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If you suit a classic red lip then it can be a great choice to add a touch of glamour to your wedding day look. In this look we chose a red that perfectly suited Rochelle’s skin tone, and paired it with a khaki toned eyeshadow palette but if you prefer a simpler look, skip the shadow and focus on the winged eyeliner and mascara.

Step 1 – Prep the skin

Rochelle has slightly oily skin so we prepped by applying a lightly hydrating face serum and then La Base Pro Pore Eraser in the central panel of the face using fingers to combat shine and to help keep skin matte.

Step 2 – A perfect foundation base

Rochelle’s skin is slightly pigmented, with a darker tone on the outer side of the face and neck, so we have used two shades to create a mild strobing effect. We used Ultra Wear foundation in shade 13, applying it to the centre of the face where her skin is slightly lighter. We then look Shade 14 and applied it to the outside of the face and neck, blending it in to shade 13 and working with the natural tones in the face.

Step 3 – Conceal and set

Use a high coverage concealer under the eyes in a V shape and round the nose. We have used Le Correcteur Pro: use the Corrector shade first to combat any pigmentation or dullness in the skin, and then blend with the concealer shade. Set with the powder from the palette using a small fluffy brush to keep in place. Next, apply a soft bronzing powder all over the face with a large fluffy brush to set the foundation.

Step 4 – Define the brows

Apply an eyebrow gel with a thin or eyeliner brush to the brow. Rochelle has a fine brow and likes to make them look thicker, so it will adhere to her skin better than a pencil and create a much more defined finish.

Step 5 – Add a pop of colour with blush

Use a soft blusher (we used Blush Subtil in 022 Rose Indien) and blend in with a fluffy brush to add a pop of colour to the face.

Step 6 – Highlight the eyes

Prep the eyes with eyeshadow primer to avoid the lids from getting oily and creasing the eyeshadow.

For the shadow, we used the Hypnose Palette in ST2 Khaki Chic to highlight Rochelle’s eyes as the colours worked really well with her skin tone, but you can select any palette that works for you. Select the second darkest shade from the palette and apply with a fluffy brush to dust it right over the eye.

Next, take the two lightest shades, mix them together and brush them into the inner corner of the eye and then finally apply the darkest shade to the outer corner.

Brush away any fall out pigment with a big fluffy brush.

Step 7 – Line and Lash

Line the base of the lashes with black Khol eyeliner to make them look full for photographs. Blend that out to the outer corners to make your eyes look bigger, and then blend in the same liner to the lower lashes.

Take the second darkest shade from the Hypnose Palette and blend it out into the liner on the bottom lashes.

Apply a waterproof mascara to the top and then lighter on the lower lashes, for a look of fanned out volume.

Step 8 – Line and fill the lips in a classic red

Line the lips and blend inwards to prime ready for the colour. We used Contour Pro liner in 111 pro Rouge Ibene. Apply Rouge in Love lipstick in 292N Chez Prune all over lips, and then to add depth, also apply a darker shade (we used 379N Rose Sulfureuse from the Rouge in Love range) to the centre of the lip for a subtle ombre look that makes the lips appear plumper.

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