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Here’s a fresh beauty look perfect for bridesmaids, to enhance your eyes and accentuate your natural colouring. Bridesmaid makeup is a perfect opportunity to play with colour in your eyeshadow that compliments your outfit – as you most likely won’t be wearing white! Helena has green eyes so we have picked a plum palette, but you could create the same effect by changing up the colour to suit you.

Step 1 – Prep and apply the face makeup

Prep the skin with a hydrating moisturiser. Leave it for 5 mins to soak in then apply an illuminating primer to lock in the moisture and give a dewy glow.

Next, apply your foundation, starting from the centre of the face and then brushing outwards for an even and flawless coverage. On Helena, we have used Ultra Wear foundation which has a soft matte finish and can last up to 24 hours – right to the end of the dancing! Choose a long-lasting concealer that is one shade lighter than your foundation and apply it in a V shape from under the eye and finishing opposite the nose.

Set the under-eye concealer with a little powder using a small fluffy brush, then use a large fluffy brush to dust the same powder over the face to make your foundation last as long as possible.

Gently bronze your skin to add some structure and a natural glow. Brush from your temples to under your cheeks and along the jawline for a radiant halo.

Blend in a warm coral blush into the apples of the cheeks for a rosy finish and to highlight your cheekbones.

Step 2 – Eyeshadow

Gently comb your brows before applying any colour, then fill any gaps with a soft brow pencil, using feathered strokes upwards following the natural shape of the brow.

Before applying eyeshadow, start with an eyelid primer to help the colour stay in place.

For eyeshadow, we have chosen Hypnose Doll Eyes palette in DO2 Reflet d’Amethyste to suit Helena’s green eyes, but you can tailor the palette you choose to your own eye colour (see some suggestions below) or to your outfit choice. Start by applying a darker shade through the socket line, in the outer corners of your eye and down to the lash line – like a reverse C shape. Then buff and blend it out. Take a little bit of the same colour and blend it in to the lower lash line, keeping it subtle. Next, select a lighter shade in the same tone and blend it in to the eyelid, and then blend the lightest colour in the palette right into the inner corner of the eye and onto the lower lash line.

We have used a plum palette for Helena’s green eyes but for blue eyes we would suggest bronze or taupe (eg. Hypnose Doll Eyes palette in ST1). Copper also looks great with blue eyes (and can really make them pop) but be wary if you have very pale skin with a cool undertone – in that case stick to taupe to avoid looking washed out. Brown eyes suit pinks (eg. Hypnose Doll Eyes palette in DO1) or blues (eg. Hypnose Doll Eyes palette in DR1) which make them look intense; however these colours should be used sparingly for a wedding.

Step 3 – Line the Eyes

Define the eyes with a soft Khol Eye pencil in black, by drawing it right along the lash line in feathered strokes. Blend and soften with a brush (like the Lancôme Smudge and Liner Brush). This doesn’t have to be very tidy as you are using it for a base which we will then be blending out.

Go over the pencil line with the darkest shade in the palette to soften the black pigment. Top Tip: If you want a more intense look, use this shadow pigment wet which will add a bit more drama. This can also be added later when going from ceremony to party.

Next, take the darker shade along the lash line to add more depth to your eye which will look great in photos.

As with all looks you see on tutorials, make sure you’re adapting it to your eye shape. You can get advice on this at any Lancôme counter, but here are some simple rules to help you. If you have an almond shaped eye (as Helena does - visible socket line, space between her lid and brow) keep the look simple and follow the suggestions above. For hooded eyes, you shouldn’t blend your eye makeup through the socket, and you would keep darker shades right in the outer corners of the eye. For wider set eyes, you could try taking the darker colour closer inwards towards the centre to make the eyes appear closer together.

Step 4 – Apply mascara

Add intensity and definition to your lashes by applying a waterproof mascara. You can apply a lot of product to the lashes here as the depth of colour in the shadow will carry it. Top tip: You can use an eyelash curler before applying your mascara to really open up the eyes.

Step 5 – Apply colour to the lips

We kept the lips neutral in this look as we focused on the eyes, but you can decide what works best for you. Firstly, line the lips, blending the colour in slightly so that the line isn’t too harsh. Next we applied Rouge in Love lipstick in 240M all over the lip, and finally add Gloss in Love in 200 to the centre of the lips to add shine.

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