Le Métallique Lip Lacquer Metallic Effect Lip Lacquer
Discover Le Métallique Lip Lacquer by Lancôme, the new limited edition metallic lip gloss following a booming trend on metallic lip finishes.
New trend spotted on metallic lips: from catwalks to your social newsfeed, lips are dressed in metal!

Le Métallique is ultra glossy, ultra shiny, and ultra metallic - giving your lips a multi-dimensional 3-D shine effect.
Infused with Vitamin E and Grapeseed Oil for comfortable wear on lips.
Discover the six new daring metallic shades and create your own lip statement:

Polished Rose: Luminous metallic pink
Orange Ore: Ultra bright metallic orange
Rouge Magma: Ultra pigmented metallic red
Meteoric Violet: Bright metallic purple
Mirrored Nude: Nude infused with pink metallic
Molten Magenta: Metallic purplish-red


Discover 6 Daring Metallic Shades

Le Métallique Lip Lacquer is ultra-shiny, ultra-pigmented and ultra-metallic.
Give your lips a multi-dimensional 3D shine effect.

Metallique Lip Art


Dress your lips in metal

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Lancôme introduces the brand new Metallic finish Lip Lacquer.
Featuring 6 intense, vibrant, daring shades. From the catwalks to your social feed, lips are dressed in metal!