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Make a lasting impression with Lancôme's range of lip products

Sparkling, moisturising, shiny; lavish lips in a glistening coat of Lancôme lip gloss. Juicy scents, dewy textures and oil-infused formulas make our lip glosses absolutely irresistible. Available in a range of beautiful shades from subtle pinks to pretty peaches and juicy corals, discover the complete range of Lancôme's long lasting lip gloss' and lip gloss sets here.

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Juicy Shaker Spring Shades
Pigment Infused Bi-Phase Lip Oil
Available in 8 shades


Juicy Shaker
Pigment Infused Bi-Phase Lip Oil
Available in 15 shades


Gloss in Love
Sparkling & moisturising Lip Gloss
Available in 8 shades

£20.00 - £21.00

Lip Lover - Spring Collection
New Limited Edition daring lip lover shades for a glowy touch
Available in 3 shades


Juicy Tubes
Ultra shiny Lip Gloss
Available in 5 shades