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Normal to Combination Skin : Tonique Douceur, Cleansers SKIN CARE

Tonique Douceur


Softening Hydrating Toner. Alcohol-Free

  • Tonique Douceur Key Features
    Complete your cleansing ritual with Lancôme’s refreshing alcohol-free facial toner, Tonique Douceur.

    This lotion for normal to combination skin is enriched with plant extracts and gently tones and refines skin texture, removing any remaining impurities. Leaves skin ready for your daily beauty routine.

    Benefits : softening, hydrating, cleansing

    How to apply Tonique Douceur
    As a part of your daily skincare routine, apply Tonique Douceur after cleansing with your favourite Lancôme cleanser. Put a small amount of toner on a cotton wool pad and sweep it over your whole face, for softer and more refined skin. Use morning and evening.

  • Whether you prefer to use a water-activated cleanser or a tissue-off cleanser to remove your makeup, Tonique Douceur is the perfect finishing touch.
    This alcohol-free, freshener gently tones and refines to brighten the complexion, while leaving it perfectly clean, soft and supple..

    To enhance its toning action, the Lancôme Laboratories have formulated Tonique Douceur with highly effective, natural active ingredients to help exfoliate the skin, while preserving its youthful radiance: Papaya, known for its hydrating properties, helps to moisturize and soften the skin, while Pineapple, know for its anti-inflammatory and healing properties, helps to calm and soothe.
    Use TONIQUE DOUCEUR morning and/or evening, as part of your daily skincare routine. Apply with a cotton round after cleansing your skin with your favourite Lancôme cleanser to help remove any remaining makeup or impurities and to leave skin feeling soft, fresh and supple.

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