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Nail colour : Vernis in Love, Nails Makeup

Vernis in Love

Nail Color

Gloss Shine Nail Colour

  • Choose your shade
    • 010M Cristal Quartz
      010M Cristal Quartz
    • 020M Pure Narcisse
      020M Pure Narcisse
    • 105M Corail In Love
      105M Corail In Love
    • 112B Rouge In Love
      #1 Bestseller 112B Rouge In Love
    • 122N Marry Me Peach
      122N Marry Me Peach
    • 147M Rouge Valentine
      147M Rouge Valentine
    • 154M Miss Coquelicot
      #3 Bestseller 154M Miss Coquelicot
    • 165N Very In Love
      165N Very In Love
    • 171B Lovered
      171B Lovered
    • 179M Madame Tulipe
      179M Madame Tulipe
    • 200M Beige Romance
      200M Beige Romance
    • 220M Jolis Matins
      220M Jolis Matins
    • 240N Beige Dentelle
      240N Beige Dentelle
    • 250N Beige Poudre
      250N Beige Poudre
    • 270N Chocolat Mordoré
      270N Chocolat Mordoré
    • 280N Cosmopolitan Kaki
      280N Cosmopolitan Kaki
    • 300M Rose Plumetis
      300M Rose Plumetis
    • 311M Jolie Rosalie
      #2 Bestseller 311M Jolie Rosalie
    • 333 Rose Attrape-Cœur
      333 Rose Attrape-Cœur
    • 343B Rose Pitimini
      343B Rose Pitimini
    • 351 Rose des Nymphes
      351 Rose des Nymphes
    • 362B Peach Appeal
      362B Peach Appeal
    • 375B Rose Boudoir
      375B Rose Boudoir
    • 407N Gris Angora
      407N Gris Angora
    • 419B Violette Coquette
      419B Violette Coquette
    • 437N Grey For My Groom
      437N Grey For My Groom
    • 441N Midnight Rose
      441N Midnight Rose
    • 453B  Rose Bonheur
      453B Rose Bonheur
    • 473N Rouge Réglisse
      473N Rouge Réglisse
    • 501B Aquamarine
      501B Aquamarine
    • 521N Like a Beige-in
      521N Like a Beige-in
    • 522 Bubbly Gold
      522 Bubbly Gold
    • 585N Noir Caviar
      585N Noir Caviar
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    Add a colour twist to your nails with Lancôme’s gorgeous range of nail polishes, Vernis in Love.Available in 24 bold and pastel shades, this glossy nail varnish is the perfect addition to any look. Paint your favourite colour on and enjoy fast, even coverage. Get perfect nail colour application in the blink of an eye!

    Benefits:High shine finish, easy application


    Create Lancôme’s French Love Manicure with Vernis in Love. Apply a layer of your favourite colour to the plate of your nail. Leave until dry, then apply a complementary shade onto the tips.

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