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mastering mascara with LANCÔME

On the strength of the expertise which has raised Lancôme mascaras through the ranks to become the globally recognised leader, Lancôme experts have joined forces to share essential makeup tips for perfect lashes.

  • How should I prepare my lashes before applying mascara?

    1. Check that your lashes are clean and dry (with no trace of cream for example, which may prevent an even distribution of the texture, or may stop it from drying).

    2. To ensure your lashes are completely clean, use a few drops of Effacil on a cotton pad.

    3. Apply a thin layer of loose powder to your mobile eyelid to avoid staining if you accidently smudge the mascara during application.

    What is the right application technique?

    Upper lashes:
    Whether you use a wall mirror, or better yet, a hand mirror, tilt your head back slightly to apply mascara to the upper lashes. When you look down, you can easily reach all the lashes right from the roots, and you will not run the risk of staining the upper lid.

    Lower lashes:
    Wait until the upper lashes are dry. If you are using a wall mirror, tilt your head forward slightly (the chin towards the neck). If you are using a hand mirror, hold it at the level of your forehead. Look upwards so that you can apply your mascara to your lashes without smudging it onto your skin.

    How should I apply mascara to the upper lashes?

    1. Start the application on the section of your lashes you wish to accentuate. Your lash fringe is naturally denser in the outer sections and in the centre, so it is easiest to intensify one of these two areas. For example, if you wish to add depth to your eyes, begin with the outer lash fringe then move on to the centre, then finally the inner corner of the eye. By coating the longest and thickest lashes first, you can boost the intensity of your eyes.

    2. Repeat the application until you have achieved the desired result.

    3. For a maximum wide-eye effect, apply mascara to the centre of the fringe, then to the outer section, then to the inner corner. Applying more texture to the centre of the fringe gives a lift effect and creates the illusion of wider eyes.

  • How do I know if my mascara has dried?

    Slide your fingertips delicately over the tips of your lashes. If your fingertip remains clean, the texture has dried. You can then apply a new layer to the upper lashes, or move on to the lower lashes.

    How can I achieve maximum results from my mascara?

    Just like with a nail polish, two coats are sometimes better than one... Repeat your mascara application for a makeup result with more impact. And remember to leave the first coat to dry before applying the second. Note that you do not need to refill the wand to make up the lower lashes, the residual mascara on the brush is sufficient.

    How can I obtain a more natural result if I have fair skin or pale-coloured eyes?

    Use a grey or brown mascara, rather than black. Black does indeed make a huge contrast with the whites of the eyes, and this gives a heavier, less natural result.

  • How can older women intensify their eyes discreetly?

    Just use a grey or brown mascara, rather than black. Black does indeed make a huge contrast with the whites of the eyes, which can lead to a rather severe look.

    How can I enhance the colour of my grey iris using my mascara?

    Choose a mascara whose shade does NOT appear in your iris. It will complement your colour and bring it out better.

    1. If your iris is brown (warm shade), choose a navy blue mascara (cool shade).

    2. If your iris is blue (cool shade), choose a brown mascara (warm shade).

    3. If your iris is green, choose a burgundy mascara. Burgundy contains red pigments, and red complements green.

    Consider coordinating the shade of your eyeshadow or eyeliner with your mascara: this will enhance your eye colour even more.

    How can I remove makeup effectively and gently?

    For perfect makeup removal, without damaging your lashes or your eyelids, generously put makeup remover on a cotton pad, hold it over the lashes from below, leave it to work for a few seconds, then gently press it so all the mascara is removed. Use a cotton bud soaked in makeup remover to cleanse the roots. As a finishing touch, absorb any residual moisture using a tissue.

  • How can I use a white mascara like Cils Booster?

    Mascara base is a beauty technique that allows you to boost the makeup power of all mascaras. The makeup result is intensified in an instant, lashes appear longer and thicker.

    1. Apply Lancôme Cils Booster or Oscillation Powerbooster to the first eye. For Oscillation Powerbooster, press the button and apply evenly from root to the tip with no zig zag movement.

    2. Do not wait until the base has dried to apply your usual mascara on top of the base.

    3. Repeat the application on the second eye.

    Why do I have to apply more mascara on the upper lashes than on the lower lashes?

    There are quite simply more upper eyelashes than lower lashes. They are also denser towards the outside than at the inner corner of the eye. Follow the natural lash fringe and match the natural density for a more even result, whether for everyday makeup or a more sophisticated effect. We therefore recommend applying more mascara to the upper lashes, as well as to the outer corner of the eye.

    When should I apply several coats of mascara?

    For a natural result, one coat is enough.
    For a more glamorous and sophisticated look, apply several coats until you achieve the desired result. Ensure that the first coat is dry before moving on to the next.

  • What advice do you have for contact lens wearers?

    Put in your lenses before applying your makeup to avoid making your eyes water.
    The colour green brings out redness in the eyes, so avoid green eyeshadows, which may accentuate slight redness in the eyes. Take extra care when applying your mascara. We recommend avoiding the use of kohl pencil on the mucous membrane of the lower eyelid, especially if your eyes are sensitive.
    Take out your contact lenses before removing makeup to avoid accidental marks when removing your mascara.

    How can I guarantee perfect mascara application on both eyes?

    Whether right- or left-handed, each person has their own technique to apply makeup to the opposite eye:

    1. By using the same hand and twisting the brush around

    2. By holding the brush in the other hand.

    3. By using the same hand and crossing over the top of the nose. In this case, it is better to finish the application by twisting the brush around to benefit from its design and to focus on the outer corner of the eye.

    Why should mascara be applied after completing the rest of the eye makeup?

    Quite simply to avoid any residue from eyeshadows (pigments, pearlised particles, etc.) from falling onto the lashes and making them look dusty.

  • How can I remove a mascara stain that has appeared on my eyelid which is already made up?

    Wait until the stain is completely dry: the texture will form a small flake which can be easily removed from the lid by gently scratching it with the tip of a pair of tweezers.

    How can I stop mascara from staining the upper lid?

    First tip: stand in the right position in front of the mirror (see tip no.2). The eyelid will also stain more easily if it is slightly oily or moist. So if your skin is naturally oily, avoid using a rich cream, or only use the cream in the evening. In the morning, freshen your eyelid with some toner on a cotton pad to remove the excess oil.
    Use a silky or powdery eyeshadow. You can also give a more velvety appearance to your bare eyelid by applying a little loose powder using a foam-tipped applicator, found in any eye makeup palette.

    How can I make the most of each mascara?

    The architecture of the mascara wand is designed for you to obtain specific results. In order to ensure the right result, do not apply your mascara too quickly. Slow down your application technique to allow your lash fringe to enter the brush and benefit from its sculpting properties. With a slow technique, it will also be easier to place the brush at the roots of the lashes to apply mascara from root to tip, and achieve the very best results.

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